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Female: Blonde
Uni: Portsmouth posted 2 months ago
Submitted by Male : Awesome
Male: George MacIntyre
Uni: Bath posted 3 months ago
George MacIntyre, I regret not letting you get in my genes
Submitted by Female : (;
I always see you around town early in the morning with your headphones on. Fancy a sunrise walk?
Submitted by Male : Tall bearded fellow in a army coat
Submitted by Male : a
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Submitted by Female : ddrobagc
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Submitted by Female : aatmzzum
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Submitted by Female : oabqdmrt
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Submitted by Female : yjxqonbp
you cute
Submitted by Female : tall dark
You helped me with my ipad today
Submitted by Female : Brunette, green jumper
You are hot
Submitted by Male : brunette male
Male: Sam Jones
Uni: Huddersfield University posted 2 years ago
I found out your name from your friend, I think you are hot!
Submitted by Female : Tall blonde girl from camel club
Saw you in camel club doing the games on stage
Submitted by Male : I am quite tall with stubble and was wearing a green tshirt
Male: man with stubble
Uni: Leeds University posted 2 years ago
you looked really hot with stubble and quite tall too
Submitted by Female : I had big cleavage
You are chunky but I think you are cute. You had a green bag and a blue coat sat in the SU bar.
Submitted by Male : 5 foot 9 guy mixed race with dark green beanie hat
I always see you about in the cafe at Uni. My name is Sam jones please go out with me!
Submitted by Male : Sam jones (blonde hair quite ripped)
See you in the communal cafe area most days
Submitted by Female : blonde, quite tall with blue bag
Seen you around I think you have lectures after me
Submitted by Male : Tall guy wears red hat most days
Saw you in the business building
Submitted by Female : Blonde hair 5 foot 4 red top
You were in mint club wearing pink shorts and a black top
Submitted by Male : Im the guy who tried to talk to you but it was too loud in the club
You were walking into uni yesterday with brown hair and wearing tiny jean shorts. We made eye contact did you notice me?
Submitted by Male : Guy wearing an OBEY snapback
I love your style you are one of a kind
Submitted by Female : The girl who was talking rubbish to you in the Student Union bar
You are quite chubby but I don't mind that! You look like a potato, my favourite kind of food! Ur boobs are huge which is all I need.
Submitted by Male : Potato Lover
I'm secretly into moshers and saw you in the SU bar on wednesday. It was about 4pm and u were drinking Jack Daniels and coke by the looks of it. Ur gorgeous!
Submitted by Male : Guy with the tunnel who was stood to the right side of the bar
Saw you in the SU I like your tattoos
Submitted by Male : Tall skinny guy